Tropical Serenity with Scenic Beauty - Cayman Crystal Caves

Where animated movies raise the bar of expectations from places in the real world, the unparalleled locations in the Cayman Islands make sure all your expectations are fulfilled without leading them to the slightest shade of disappointment. A trip to the Cayman Islands is all you need to drop off all your doubts. While there are plenty of places to visit in Grand Cayman, the Cayman Crystal Caves is something that definitely defines what dreams are made of. It is one of the newest additions in the Grand Cayman tourist activities, that showcases natural beauty. The place not only has the fascinating surrounding but also an intriguing history.

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The Tale of Cayman Crystal Caves History

Cayman Crystal Caves have not been recently developed by the beings. It took millions of years for this incredible natural phenomenon to occur. The place was once subdued under the water as is identified by the fossilized animals and shells found there. As the water level slowly eroded, the caves gradually started taking shape, filled with stalagmite and stalactite formations and crystals which were formed by the deposited minerals. It is said that these caves have also served as the hideout places for the pirates and the rumors say that the treasure hidden by the pirates is still present somewhere in the caves.

Located in a lush tropical forest in Northside, Grand Cayman, these caves offer a spectacular view. Your Grand Cayman tour is incomplete without watching this spectacular wonder. The discussion to turn these caves into a tourist attraction began in the early 1990s after deep study and research. And it took over another 20 years of intricate planning by the Cayman Islands government to open these caves for tourist. It is surely a geological wonder of the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Crystal Caves tour takes you through 3 beautiful caves and tropical forest area surrounding it. It is approximately one and half hour tour and is similar to embarking an adventurous ride. Because the place offers scenic beauty, peaceful surrounding, a plethora of otherworldly formations like crystals that are formed with dripping water over the years and exposure to the tropical plantation and wildlife like strangler balsam trees, air plants, parrots, and bats.

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Being a tourist, exploring the place is the main objective of the trip, but learning the way of locals there is equally important. These caves are operated by 100% Caymanian workforce and you will be escorted with a tour guide, hence providing you a chance to interact with the Cayman locals and learn more about their culture and traditions while simultaneously learning about the interesting facts of these caves. So, pack your backpack and enter the world where the real beauty and peace reside. You can also book a Grand Cayman excursion for yourself with the professionals, to plan the ideal tour without wasting your time in nitty-gritty and also avoid missing out on any fun adventure.

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