Half Day Bioluminescent Electric Boat and Starfish Beach Tour in Grand Cayman

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Marvel at the beauty of the glowing bioluminescent waters of North Sound in Grand Cayman and enjoy a time off with magnificent and colorful Starfish- if you’re lucky, you might find 100’s of them at a time.

The tour starts with a drive through various eastern districts of Grand Cayman until you arrive to your first destination- Starfish Point Beach. You can spend some amazing time here while you interact with the beautiful and majestic Starfish that congregate on the beach every day. If you are lucky, you might find hundreds of them. You can lift them and click photos with them- be careful not to take them out of the water! After spending some wonderful time at the beach, we then take you to the start point of the tour- Rum Point Beach. You get about 1.5 hours of time at Rum Point Beach where you can have dinner or simply enjoy the famous Cayman mudslide while you relax on one of the hammocks by the beach.

The bioluminescence tour starts at 7.15pm. From here, you will embark on a silent, ecofriendly, non-polluting electric boat that will silently take you to a sheltered spot where the deck opens up and you are free to explore and interact with the bioluminescence. You do not need to swim and can sit on the deck and dangle your hands and feet through and into the glowing world below. You would be walking in about 2.5 ft. of water so we do recommend a swimsuit, change of clothes and dry towels.


  • Departure Time: 3.30 PM
  • Tour Ends: 10:00 PM
  • Duration: 6.5 Hours


  • Stops on this tour may operate in a different sequence other than described above
$190.00 per person
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